Holmeter OÜ - Your trustworthy construction partner

Holmeter OÜ - Sinu usaldusväärne ehituspartner

Holmeter OÜ has been founded in 2009 as a building and roofing company. We have performed a variety of jobs in Estonia, as well as elsewhere in the Baltic States and Scandinavia.

One of our key principles is to maintain good relations with both our customers and partners, it requires compliance with deadlines, high quality of work and experienced team.

Over the years accumulated experience in the construction provide the opportunity to offer professional advice in the choice of building materials. Workers have the expertise and experience acquired over the years of construction that allow for the unique and complex works. During construction, we proceed from the material manufacturer's requirements while ensuring high-quality performance of construction for decades.

If it's possible to help you - we will do it for sure!

Holmeter OÜ